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Malin Kivity

Physiotherapist and Yoga teacher with Master degree



This is a place for you to learn about and heal your body.

Once you get to know it, understand its needs and listen to it, the healing process begins.

About Me

My name is Malin. I'm a physiotherapist, yogini, and nature lover from Sweden. After 10 years working as a physiotherapist in the field of rehabilitation, yoga has become my most valuable tool in order to support people healing their bodies and minds. I believe that an understanding and connection to the individual body is essential for the healing, and it's my passion and honor to guide you through it.


"Physioyogatherapy combines the science and knowledge about the body from physiotherapy and the awareness and connection between the body and the mind from the yoga."  

Malin Kivity


Individual physioyogatherapy

Individual physioyogatherapy combines the knowledge about the body from physiotherapy and the awareness and connection between body, mind and breath from yoga. If you are carrying physical pain, have an injury or disability, or simply just longing to learn more about your body and how you can heal it, I'd be happy to share valuable tools with you and go through that journey with you. 


Yoga in group

Yoga therapy is for everyone. In yoga therapy we bring awareness to the body and the breath, connect to it and heal individually in a shared, safe space. My classes are suitable for beginners and for you who doesn't even feel comfortable with the concept yoga yet. But I also invite you with more experience, perhaps you are a yoga teacher or therapist and you have a longing for new inspiration or want to explore yoga in a more therapeutical way.

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Workshops & Collaborations

I love to inspire and to be inspired by students, teachers, clients, colleges and life. I've had the blessing to hold workshops & lectures in different corners of the world and I'm looking forward to see this journey continue. I believe that there we all need each other, and if there is any way I can support your projects or you mine, I'd be happy to get in touch. 


"Malin's unique combination of expertise is expressed in a holistic treatment approach that was very suitable for treating the problem I was suffering from. Her pleasant personality allows her to impart her professional knowledge in the best way."

Eli Emmanuel, Denmark

"For the one who wants to practice yoga in a therapeutic form, this is the place. Malin is world class."

E. Lindmark, Stockholm

Yoga with Malin is just amazing. The lessons are so relaxing and when I’m there, it’s that time in the week that I don’t ask anything from my body, but instead I listen to it. With the calming guidance of Malin I always leave feeling like I had a good massage, relaxed and happy.

Eden B, Israel

Get in Touch

Yonah HaNavi 20, Tel Aviv - Yafo

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